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DNS für Active Directory: Empfehlungen “von der Quelle”

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image Ned Pyle vom Active-Directory-Teamblog bei Microsoft hat eine Liste von Empfehlungen zusammengetragen, die der Microsoft-Support an Kunden ausspricht, wenn es um die DNS-Konfiguration von Domänencontrollern geht. Die meisten der Argumente und Empfehlungen entsprechen dem, was auch in unseren eigenen Artikeln genannt ist.

Der Originalartikel ist hier:

[Friday Mail Sack: Saturday Edition – Ask the Directory Services Team – Site Home – TechNet Blogs]

Und hier die Liste als vollständiges Zitat:

  1. If a DC is hosting DNS, it should point to itself at least somewhere in the client list of DNS servers.
  2. If at all possible on a DC, client DNS should point to another DNS server as primary and itself as secondary or tertiary. It should not point to self as primary due to various DNS islanding and performance issues that can occur. (This is where the arguments usually start)
  3. When referencing a DNS server on itself, a DNS client should always use a loopback address and not a real IP address.
  4. Unless there is a valid reason not to that you can concretely explain with more pros than cons, all DC’s in a domain should be running DNS and hosting at least their own DNS zone; all DC’s in the forest should be hosting the _MSDCS zones. This is default when DNS is configured on a new Win2003 or later forest’s DC’s. (Lots more arguments here).
  5. DC’s should have at least two DNS client entries.
  6. Clients should have these DNS servers specified via DHCP or by deploying via group policy/group policy preferences, to avoid admin errors; both of those scenarios allow you to align your clients with subnets, and therefore specific DNS servers. Having all the clients & members point to the same one or two DNS servers will eventually lead to an outage and a conversation with us and your manager. If every DC is a DNS server, clients can be fine-tuned to keep their traffic as local as possible and DNS will be highly available with special work or maintenance. It also means that branch offices can survive WAN outages and keep working, if they have local DC’s running DNS.
  7. We don’t care if you use Windows or 3rd party DNS. It’s no skin off our nose: you already paid us for the DC’s and we certainly don’t need you to buy DNS-only Windows servers. But we won’t be able to assist you with your BIND server, and their free product’s support is not free.
  8. (Other things I didn’t say that are people’s pet peeves, leading to even more arguments).

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